Running Thoughts VII: Lessons Learned


Falls near Seeley’s Pond (Watchung Reservation) taken this morning. (Image by Me)

I will meditate in thy precepts, and have respect unto thy ways. Psalms 119:15 (King James Version)

I ran with MapMyRun! Distance: 2.16mi, time: 44:36, pace: 20:38min/mi, speed: 2.91mi/h.

After a good trail run that kicked ass, there are a valuable lessons I learned. First is to dare something worthy (a nod to Dr. Joe Vitale). Second is you’ll make shortcuts in life, just make sure they don’t take you away from your destination or lead to a dead end. Another is that we need to also exceed our expectations-I find this important in running as well.

I also learned that God doesn’t need a Bible or a preacher to talk to me. Just sometimes trail running alone in the great outdoors I hear His/Her voice. God speaks through the silence of the morning, when our minds could be the most receptive.

Plus, the trails in the woods give feed my Core Value of “Solitude”.  You can be pretty alone up on the trails early in the AM; except for an occasional die-hard jogger or walker.  It’s during this solitude I can tune into what God has for me while I also tune in to what my body’s feeling.

A good morning’s trail run can help one-like the Psalmist in the above text-meditate on God’s precepts.  Plus, you can learn some very valuable lessons while improving your health as well!



About dangerouschristian

My name is Victor Reynolds. I'm a Christian who desires a more mystical approach to my spiritual life. I'm also a photographer as well who loves to create. I call myself "dangerous" because anyone-especially a Christian-who dares to be beyond the "norm" and allows to let the Christ live in them is dangerous.
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