About This Blog

My name is Victor Reynolds, a “Dangerous” Christian.  No, I’m not the “bible-toting”, “scripture-quoting” altar boy you see with many fundamentalist-evangelicals.  I am a Christian who desires to live the Divine like Jesus the Christ did, by embracing these Core Values I’ve grown into my life over the years:

1. Exploration and Curiosity

2. Freedom

3. Creativity

4. Excitement

5. Love

6. Sexuality and Sensuality

7. Mystery, Spiritually, Transcendence and Wonder

8. Fun, Joy and Playfulness

9. Boldness and Outrageousness

10. Openness and Open-Mindedness

11. Unlimited Abundance

12. Solitude

13. Celebration and Dance

14. Magic and Alchemy

15. Revolutionary and Contrarian

16. Freethinker

I hope that my writings will express these Core Values to you, the reader, and in turn will bless you.  This is not your daddy’s blog.  If you desire something that totes the orthodox party-line (fundamentalist and evangelical), there are plenty of blogs to fill that need.  If you want a fresh voice, I will strive to be that.

Thanks for stopping by.



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