In Times Like These

13 I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
14 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.
Psalm 27:13-14 (King James Version)

As we witness the change of seasons, it has been quite a upsetting ride.  We’ve witnessed three devastating hurricanes here in North America: Harvey in Texas; Irma and Maria throughout the Caribbean (with Irma impacting Florida as well).  We witnessed a powerful earthquake striking Mexico. We see Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un playing nuclear brinksmanship with the world wondering what will happen next.  We have a President who has the class and care of a vulture, embarrassing America in the process. And this week, we saw the killing of 59 and 500-plus innocent people during a concert in Las Vegas.  Here in Newark, we saw one student viciously attacked because she was transgender-thankfully she survived; while in another school a bullied teen lost it and stabbed two other students-killing one.

It’s almost as if we’ve been inundated with bad news these last several weeks.  Add on the ongoing climate crisis, economic woes, and our own individual problems it can be worse.  This makes you want to throw your hands up in the air and just give up.  You ask the age-old questions, “What’s next?” and “How much more can I/we take?”

In tonight’s Scripture, we see the psalmist (probably David) facing a dilemma.  From what I’ve researched, this was during the time when King Saul was gunning for David.  David knew that Saul (and others) were against him, and he was in a very precarious position.  However David remembered God’s goodness and care-even if his own parents were to forsake him.  David knew that it was God’s goodness that kept him.  It was this Divine providence that kept David from “fainting” or giving up; it kept his confidence during the midst of trial.

In the midst of today’s turmoil, David’s psalm rings through.  He would remind us of God’s steadfast love and care.  He would tell us to “wait” on God-to develop Divine hearing so we can hear His/Her voice in the midst of the strife about us.  It is God whose goodness and care that will keep us in this present hour from losing it and giving up.  Even if we can’t see it, we can take heart and be confident that God is there.  Before I end for the night, I want to leave you with these words from an old hymn I grew up with:

“In times like these you need a Savior
In times like these you need an anchor
Be very sure, be very sure
Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock”
(From “The Solid Rock” by Ruth C. Jones)

Pray for the victims of the hurricanes, the Mexican earthquake, the Newark school attacks, the Las Vegas victims, and others impacted by trauma.


(Image: South Mountain Reservation, New Jersey. October 3, 2017.  I think we’re tired of seeing news photos)



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It’s Gettin’ Crucial

2017-08-06_01-11-13.jpg15 See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, 16 redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

17 Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.

Ephesians 5:15-17 (New King James Version)

Time to wake up. Time for us to know what time it is and act accordingly. As this post is being written, we’re witnessing the rewriting of human (future) history.

It was not even a fortnight we saw Americans of every stripe stand up to the plague of racism in Charlottesville, Virginia. How God’s children confronted the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and other racist Right Wing ilk that’s hindered our nation from progressing forward.  We saw people stand up to a apathetic president (who was voted in by these clowns) and Fundagelical pastors who stood by him; and call these people out.

We recently saw North Korea fire a missile over Japan (supposedly); while flexing its newly-grown nuclear muscle in front of the US, China and South Korea.  As this is happening, both Trump and Kim Jong-un going back and forth boasting who would be the victor in potential war.

Now was have Hurricane Harvey which is turning Houston, Texas into a lake with all the rain that’s pummeling the city.  Harvey is creating a mess of the rest of the region along the Gulf of Mexico-including parts of Louisiana.  Harvey’s winds are destroying communities in Texas.  Refineries in the Galveston, Texas area and oil rigs were evacuated; and concerns about raising gas prices are raised. (By the way, monsoons are pummeling Mumbai in the meantime).

We need to understand what is happening-those of us in the Boardinghouse of Faith.  We’re seeing ourselves bared before Heaven and Earth and need to recognize this.  In Charlottesville we saw human ugliness come to a head and metastasize to other communities in the US of A.  In North Korea we see human hubris measured in nuclear firepower with blatant disregard of the consequences or human cost.  With Harvey we see the effect of human impact on the climate, and the continued denial of climate change by Washington, as a Category-4 hurricane unleashing its damage on America’s fourth largest city.

Tonight’s Scripture warns of this.  The writer-traditionally viewed as the Apostle Paul-warns that we should be careful in how we live and use our time wisely in these evil days so that we can understand God’s will.  Those of us in-tuned with the Divine need to understand that we’re in some evil times.  Our fellow human beings are acting evil towards each other and towards the planet.  Our evil is creeping out onto social media, onto the news, and into the climate.  We need to be careful so we ourselves don’t become consumed by this evil and lose hope.

Now, what is God’s will?  That we speak up and out against this evil.  We need the Boardinghouse of Faith to stand up against racism (and its fellows: sexism, homophobia, xenophobia) with the Truth of God that we’re all brothers and sisters.  To hold a holy mirror to these racist goons and show them their true selves. The KKK and others are not doing God’s will by their racist activities; and in fact they mock Christ with their “Christian” moniker.

God’s will is that we pressure our representatives to push Washington to engage in dialogue with Pyongyang-even if Beijing has to mediate.  We cannot afford a nuclear war-not matter how limited; it would destroy us for generations.  War should never be embraced by the Church, and we cannot fall into the trap of nuclear nationalism or quasi-Christian patriotism.  Instead the Church must speak out against this game of chicken that could fricassee the human race; we must bring up the Prince of Peace to the tables while we have time.

God’s will is that we open the eyes of our “climate denying” lawmakers and realize that we are impacting the climate.  It is not God’s will (in Genesis) that we rape our planet and dog it to near disaster.  We need to understand that God will strike back through the climate as Harvey is demonstrating.  We need to push our leaders back to the Paris Climate Agreements and bring back the work under President Obama.  That any “Christian” who supports rolling back climate measures are not Christian.  We need to do this now while Earth is still habitable.

It’s gettin’ crucial family.  We need to redeem the time God gave us to be wise and stand up against the evils above (and others not mentioned).  We need to do this now so that we can have a world for us and future generations where we can live together as family…

…While we have time…Peace.

(Image: You see the old tracks going nowhere…Taken in Salem, NJ August 5, 2017)

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Down The Road

Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you sit down first and figure out how much it will cost? Then you will see whether you have enough money to finish it.
Luke 14:28 (New International Reader’s Version)

Years ago as I was growing up, I often would hear questions geared to a long-view of life.  One of which (and we all heard it) was, “What do you want to do with your life?”  That was the kind of question that made you put on your mental brakes and think.  God help you if you didn’t have any definite answer!  You see, these questions-usually asked by elders who’ve gone on before-were designed to spark long-term thinking in us; to help us look down the road.  We were being taught to think ahead and consider our future.  Even when it came to decision making, we were advised to think long-term with questions like, “Could I work here for 10-20 years?”, “Could I see myself marrying this person and having kids with them?”, “Will this investment pay off in the long-term?”, “What effects will this activity/habit have on my long-term health-especially as I get older?”, the list was endless.

What spawned this post was an article I read in Linkedin regarding Bell Labs.  One of the ‘Lab’s greatest assets in its work culture was taking the long view of things.  It was this “long view” thinking that led to your having a computer and being able to view this post on the Internet-as well as other tech innovations we take for granted today.  From what I read, this mentality-with others-made Bell Labs the tech powerhouse that it was.

However, I see a different attitude today.  We’ve become short-term in our thinking.  Instead of looking down the road, we look at the immediate “benefits” of our decisions.  We live lives based on immediate self-gratification instead of what will bless the greater whole in the long run (been there, done that).  Companies today are more concerned about fattening their bottom lines and appeasing shareholder rather than provide long-term value to employees and customers.  We have intimate relationships based on “benefits” for the moment, instead of considering what long-term consequences such a relationship could provide.  We take jobs based on salaries alone instead of considering longevity.  In our almost “instantaneous everything” society, we are making short-term decision without considering what will happen down the road.  Look at our last Presidential election: we vote more on personality and immediate political gratification instead of long-term effects of their policies and positions.  And worst of all, we want”cheap and easy” energy sources such as coal and gasoline to fuel our immediate lifestyle instead of considering its long-term effect on our climate.

Jesus used the above text in the cost of being a disciple: if you were to build a tower, wouldn’t you figure out its cost to see if you have the funds to build it?  How many times we read about building projects halted or cancelled due to lack of funds?  We need to “count the cost” when we make decisions-especially the long-term ones.  Sad to say, we’re not taking Jesus’ advice to heart.

Now we’re paying for this short-term thinking.  People are divorcing like crazy thanks to marrying the wrong person solely based on immediate gratification.  We hop from job to job when said jobs no longer meet our immediate needs, not showing professional longevity.  We are suffering under “45’s” administration, which is more of a nightmarish reality TV show we cannot turn off.  Companies are losing employees, upsetting investors, and are under investigation for stock fraud as their failures come to light.  And last-but not least-we’re now searching for 11th hour solutions as our planet’s climate changes before our very eyes-and not for the better.  We’ve become shallow, short-term, unreliable people who cannot see the long term effects of our actions.

Maybe it’s time for us to return to long-term thinking.  To think on our decisions before making hasty ones.  To “figure how much it will cost” per Jesus.  Maybe we do that, we can stave off the messes we put ourselves in that short-term thinking would cost.

We need to look down the road.  Peace.

(Image by me: Barbertown-Idell Road in Kingwood, NJ. July 22, 2017)


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Stuck on Stupid

Foolish people who do the same foolish things again are like a dog that returns to where it has thrown up.
Proverbs 26:11 (New International Reader’s Version)

Don’t let the cop-out, “That’s what I am” jeopardize what God desired for you to be!
Last night’s Facebook post by Me

Ever seen someone say or do something that makes you scratch your head, and when you ask them about it they say, “That’s what (or who, or how) I am”?  It’s as if they give some “rationale” for their irrational behavior or talk.  And the strange (and sad) part is that they think they’re normal!

One classic example is anxious behavior.  Let’s say you have a loved one named who worries all the time.  And on this particular day, she’s worrying over a financial issue.  You go up to her and try to encourage her to trust in God’s goodness and care; not to worry over the issue.  However, she tells you, “You gotta understand, that’s how I am, I get anxious!”

Now you look at your loved one and say, “Okay….,” however we’re a lot like her in similar or different circumstances.  Many times we have attitudes, behaviors, or thoughts that keep us from what God has for us.  And when confronted-like our friend above-we give some rationale defending such behavior.  “That’s what I am” is a cop-out, plain and simple!  It keeps us from having to confront issues in ourselves-if left unchecked-can be self destructive.  Such an attitude will jeopardize what God could have us; and would want for us to grow into.  We will ultimately get “stuck on stupid”-aptly described by the Scripture above.  We’ll keep doing the same thing, giving the same explanation, yet going nowhere in the end….missing out on what God had for us because of who we “are”…

Sucks, don’t it?

Like in the above scenario, our friend justifies her anxious attitude.  Then every time some challenge comes along, she reacts anxiously and her mind shuts down to any possibilities before her.  She’ll find herself going nowhere as she is stuck in a stupid place that slowly disempowers her.  She may get into addictive behaviors as “self-medication” to calm herself.  Her health will decrease as her anxiousness turns into anxiety, which produces stress hormones that lead to numerous illnesses.  She may also push away positive people that may have been willing to help her move forward.  As time progresses, she’ll block any blessings or destiny that God had ordained for her.  She may end up living a go-nowhere, disempowering, life.  Like I asked: sucks, don’t it?

Today, let’s take the time to confront this issue inside us and see what it really is: a cop-out.  We must look at ourselves honestly and see why are we acting such?  Could it be some learned defense mechanism with childhood roots?  Could it be that we’re afraid of vulnerability in some areas of our lives, so we put on these fronts?  Or, do we really trust God with our lives?  These are the issues-and probably others-that lie beneath our “That’s what I am” rationale that we need to bring forth and confront.

Also, if we confront this issue, we may start getting answers to questions that nag us deep inside: Why am I always broke?  Why am I never getting over ____ illness?  Why do my relationships suck?  Why do I seem to be going around in circles in life?  Why do those who have less than me do more? We may find that these questions stem from the “That’s what (who/how) I am” attitude and are keeping us from real God-given living.  As we confront this, we can bring it to God in prayer and mediation; He/She will open our minds to positive alternatives that could bring us in line with what God truly wants for us: the abundant life.

Life is too good to be stuck on stupid and wreck what God has for us.  Let’s move beyond that so we can truly live the abundant life God has for us!


(Photo: Abandoned House. Plainfield, NJ. 2017)

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Independence Day 2017

Tomorrow we will celebrate the 241st birthday of the United States of America.  We will have our parades, cookouts, beach trips (unless you live in New Jersey), outings, and fireworks to cap off the day.  Some of us (including me) were off today as well as being off tomorrow.  We’ll “rally ’round the flag” and have another patriotic love-fest.

However, where is America?  What has happened to the promises of Independence.  We still have to include Blacks (who built this nation), First Nation Peoples (who were the original inhabitants of the Americas), the non-White/non-Christian individuals who became legitimate citizens, and so many others.  We make hollow statements about “freedom” yet we have a high incarceration rate.  We talk about “all men are created equal” yet it only applies to White (heterosexual, Protestant, Right-Wing) males, some of which are given a hall pass to act with impunity on others.  We put on a face of “equal justice under law” yet Blacks are still the number one target for law enforcement.  We say “bring your tired huddled masses” yet ready to deport law-abiding people because of their ethnicity and religion.  We talk about being the “leader of the free world” yet bomb out sovereign nations to promote our own interests.

The America we’ll sing about tomorrow has yet to exist.  It’s a dream held by many, yet made unreachable by those in power.  The America celebrated tomorrow is still a fabrication, designed to mollify those who truly cry out for freedom, equality, and justice.  This America is likened to a baby yet to be born; and I’m concerned that it may be stillborn.  Far as I’m concerned, the current version of America that’s doing the celebrating is a farce.  The America that we’re in is a twisted shadow of the America we claim to celebrate.  There is no “land of liberty,” no “one nation under God;” it’s all a farce.  Our parades, celebrations, and fireworks will be hollow and without any true meaning.

Welcome to Independence Day 2017. I’m still trying to figure out what we are celebrating.  Peace.

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Never Too Late

Several other men of Israel went up with me. What they reported terrified the people. But I followed the Lord my God with my whole heart. So on that day Moses made a promise to me. He said, ‘The land you have walked on will be your share. It will be the share of your children forever. That’s because you have followed the Lord my God with your whole heart.’ (Deuteronomy 1:36)
10 “The Lord has done just as he promised. He made the promise while Israel was wandering around in the desert. That was 45 years ago. He has kept me alive all this time. So here I am today, 85 years old! 11 I’m still as strong today as I was the day Moses sent me out. I’m just as able to go out to battle now as I was then. 12 So give me this hill country. The Lord promised it to me that day. At that time you yourself heard that the Anakites were living there. You also heard that their cities were large and had high walls around them. But I’ll drive them out, just as the Lord said I would. He will help me do it.”
13 Then Joshua blessed Caleb, the son of Jephunneh. He gave him Hebron as his share. 14 So ever since that time Hebron has belonged to Caleb, the son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite. That’s because he followed the Lord, the God of Israel, with his whole heart
Joshua 14:8-14 (New International Reader’s Version)


Usually when we look at people who are blessed to do the impossible in later lives in the Bible, we’re quick to bring up Abraham and Sarah, or Elisabeth.  However, Caleb is my fave when I read about those with later life achievements.

In tonight’s Scripture, we see the Israelities taking possession of Canaan-the Promised Land.  This was a process done with military action.  Here we have Caleb requesting the hill country of Hebron from Joshua.  If you remember in Deuteronomy, Caleb was one of the 12 spies that entered Canaan to see if it could be conquered.  Despite Canaan’s bounty, 10 of the 12 spies reported that the land was unconquerable and spooked the Israelites from conquering.  Only Joshua and Caleb said that God has given them the land.  In response to the negative reaction of the Israelites, God said that they would wander the wilderness until the fighting men (adults) were dead. In the end, only Joshua and Caleb made it into the promised land of Canaan.

Now 45 years later, we see an 85 year old Caleb still rarin’ to go and possess Hebron.  He assured Joshua that he was just as strong as he was when he was 40.  Joshua gave him Hebron; and from what I gather Caleb successfully drove the Anakites out of Hebron and claimed it.

Now many of us would tell Caleb to take it easy and relax.  Of course, we’d give the pat, “You’re too old for that,” or “It’s too late to do that now.”  Joshua however saw Caleb’s desire, plus the promise made to him 45 years ago.  Joshua didn’t hinder Caleb’s request, however blessed it and the rest was history.

Many of us who have lived for some time-even those of us who are skateboarding into their 40s or 50s-had a dream from back in the day.  Maybe it was something we desired as a child or as a younger adult. Maybe we had a glimpse of our “promised land” and knew that God would deliver it into our hands.  However, we had our “10 spies”: parents; besties; teachers; pastors; spouses; someone we trusted who said it would be impossible; and we allowed their words to impact us.  Then like the Israelites, we too wandered in our wilderness for years….

Now, we’ve lived some and things changed: Maybe your kids have grown up; your spouse has either grown up or has gone; your besties done beat it…whatever.  Your now feeling that dream  coming back to you-your “promised land” coming back into view.  Now you want to try for it again after years of wandering.  Well I have good news: it’s not too late!   Like Caleb, you can still possess your “Hebron”; your “hill country”.  Plus, God will empower you to drive out the “Anakites” of opposition out: nay-sayers and the lot.

Now I’m not saying you can fulfill your dream of being a professional soccer player you had at 25, or go into ballet as you dreamed at 20; and now you’re in your 50s.  However you can coach a soccer team, or be a marketer for a local dance troupe.  There are still ways you can reconnect to that “promised land” that evaded you for whatever reason in the past.  Me? It’s being a full-time photographer.  Even though I’m married with a child in my 50s, I can still do fine art and showcase my work.  My ultimate dream is travel photography, which I can move towards as my child matures starting here in the US of A.

Tonight, let’s look at Caleb-a Biblical hero given a second chance.  We too can see that God will grant us our second chance and show us that it’s not too late to follow our dream; to possess our promised land.

I hope you have been blessed and encouraged by tonight’s post.  May God empower you to follow you dreams and reach your promised land, no matter you age.


(Image: Clock face at night. South Orange, NJ (?). 2015)

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“You’ve Changed!”

15 Then they came to Jesus. They saw the man who had been controlled by many demons. He was sitting there. He was now dressed and thinking clearly. All this made the people afraid. 16 Those who had seen it told them what had happened to the man. They told about the pigs as well. 17 Then the people began to beg Jesus to leave their area.
Mark 5:15-17 (New International Reader’s Version)

When you grow in life and people see God moving you to your next level, you’ll have those people who will say, “You’ve changed!”  Usually, this is said with a hint of distaste directed at you.  When I was in college, people used to say that you “broke new” on them-with the same hint of distaste.  It can be irritating when you try to improve your life and live the best possible and some “so and so” hops up and makes you feel like you’ve offended them-even when you ascribe the power to God.

Today’s Scripture text is a familiar one that can answer your dilemma. It was the story of Jesus’s healing the man possessed by many demons called “Legion.”  You remember, this was the cat who hung out in the graveyard naked and cut himself whilst crying day and night; he was unable to be restrained.  Then Jesus cast the demons into a herd of 2000 swine, causing them to run off a cliff and into the nearby lake.  Next thing, we see the man clothed and sane with Jesus.  Now you’d think the people in the region would break into a praise and worship celebration at Jesus’s miracle.  No, these people wanted Jesus to leave.  Huh?  Why?

The theory I hold to came from my Black Church professor, Rev. Carter at Seton Hall University: the man was no longer an object of ridicule.  When the man was possessed, the people in the region felt superior to him and could marginalize him.  Now completely whole, the man was not longer an object of ridicule; plus he was an equal to the others-a person.  The man was changed and the others didn’t like it.  I also would dare to add that the other people were in some way under the demons’ sway since the demons originally didn’t want to leave the region (verse 10).  Now they see the man changed and moving forward in his life with God’s help, yet they seem to be stuck in their spiritual rut.

People who are stuck at a certain level in life get uncomfortable when God moves your from their level, or worse, from a lower level and puts you on a higher level-whatever it may be.  You my have been ridiculed or marginalized.  Or, you may have been at the same level as others stuck on stupid.  Then God comes and moves you on higher.  However instead of the others celebrating your change, they get upset.  Some may even eject you from their circles.

However, the story had a happy ending.  The man-now changed-wanted to join Jesus and his posse.  However Jesus told him to go back to his people and testify to God’s goodness in his life.  The man ultimately went throughout the Decapolis-or the Ten Cities- and told his story.  You too will have a happy ending as you go forth and tell others about God’s goodness to you-new people who will accept what God has done for you.

Sooo….if next time some “somebody” whines “You changed!”, smile, thank them, and move on.  And while you’re at it praise God!


(Image: Military Park at Dusk. Newark, NJ. 2017)

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