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What I Believe: Fun, Joy, and Playfulness

To me, Fun Joy, and Playfulness all stem from the Divine.  Surprised I said that?  Of course, Christianity too long portrayed God as some “Big Guy in the Sky” frowning as if someone made a crack about His Mama.  But … Continue reading

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Christmas 2011

Just lit up the tree. My son’s asleep waiting for Santa. I sit with some wine, winding down from the day. It’s Christmas, when we celebrate the “birth” of Jesus. We commemorate that night in Bethlehem when light and light … Continue reading

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Why Christmas?

I recently posted the post, “Telling the Truth” that expressed my views on the virgin birth of Jesus the Christ.  I do not believe in the virgin birth, finding it a knockoff of Pagan beliefs of a similar strain.  I … Continue reading

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It’s That Time Again…

As I write this post, we’ve just got through another Black Friday.  Even as the global economy’s sliding into the abyss of financial Hell for years to come, we still hear the exhortation to buy.  If you stepped out of … Continue reading

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