Perversion at Lent

22 Jerusalem, your silver isn’t pure anymore.
    Your best wine has been made weak with water.
23 Your rulers refuse to obey the Lord.
    They join forces with robbers.
All of them love to accept money from those who want special favors.
    They are always looking for gifts from other people.
They don’t stand up in court for children whose fathers have died.
    They don’t do it for widows either.
24 The Lord is the Mighty One of Israel.
    The Lord who rules over all announces,
“Israel, you have become my enemies.
    I will act against you in my anger.
    I will pay you back for what you have done.
Isaiah 1:22-24 (New International Reader’s Version)

In light of recent budget cuts by the current administration affecting programs that benefit millions in this country, this post was written.  It’s a shame that we have people who profess to “know” Christ marching in lock-step with such indiscriminate use of power.  A review of the last two months of Donald Trump’s presidency (if you want to call it that) shows a man who does not care for the people he swore to govern-save those in the 1% income group and his family.  We’re seeing a president that is totally out of control: perversion of power.

If we look at tonight’s Scripture, we see our current government situation in it.  We see a total perversion of power.  In ancient Israel, God warned through the prophet Isaiah about her perverting power.  God listed charges against Israel that He/She could read against America today: rulers siding with the corrupt; catering to special interest groups; not caring to those who are struggling.  The parallels are staggering.

As we continue on into Lent, we need to recognize this perversion of power.  We must first be sure we’re not guilty of this: be it in our homes, jobs, churches, or social circles.  We must not abuse that which God has entrusted us; and exercise this power justly.  Plus, we must be sure not to condone (or endorse) such perversion-directly or indirectly.  We must pray and ask God to alert us to this.  If we’re guilty, let’s pray that God will change our hearts.

After we rid this perversion in ourselves, we must speak out to perversion of power in the larger community-especially to those in power.  We can preach, blog, social media, vote, petition-whatever it takes to bring this sin to attention.  If we are to be the salt and light Christ calls us, we must be serious.

For you see, God warned Israel-and us-that He/She will pay back in kind those who perverted power; since they will become God’s enemies.  And trust me, none of us would ever want to be on God’s “shit list.”  No matter how powerful we are-even the President-God will deal in kind.  Those in power will end up being on the bottom rungs, the marginalized, the humiliated.

Perversion at Lent is something we need to be on our spiritual guard for.  We need to see and call it out for what it is: individually and in the greater community.  For if we don’t, God certainly will.


About dangerouschristian

My name is Victor Reynolds. I'm a Christian who desires a more mystical approach to my spiritual life. I'm also a photographer as well who loves to create. I call myself "dangerous" because anyone-especially a Christian-who dares to be beyond the "norm" and allows to let the Christ live in them is dangerous.
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