“Three Strikes” or “The House Loses”

Then I said:

Wisdom is better than strength.
Nevertheless the poor man’s wisdom is despised,
And his words are not heard.
Words of the wise, spoken quietly, should be heard
Rather than the shout of a ruler of fools.
 Wisdom is better than weapons of war;
But one sinner destroys much good.
Ecclesiastes 9:16-18 (New King James Version-emphasis mine)

Well folks, we had “Round 3” of the 2016 Presidential Debates live from Las Vegas, and I’m shaking my head over the whole thing.  I heard the debate on the radio coming home in my truck tonight.  From what I heard it was quite interesting.

I think Donald Trump is suffering from early dementia:  he seems to keep going back to ISIS.  I think if Chris Wallace (moderator) was to ask Trump the name of his wife, he would probably answer, “ISIS”.  Plus, we had more of Trump’s interrupting both his opponent and the moderator.  Trump also created a new word, “bigly”.  We saw Hilary Clinton go after him and keep him on the ropes for the debate.  Also, Trump ended the debate being evasive about what his response will be with the upcoming election results.

Although Clinton was pretty much the victor in tonight’s debate, I’m not automatically tossing my hat into her ring.  As I’ve constantly said, Clinton’s got too much dirty water under the bridge for me.  Also, Clinton was not that concrete regarding a “No Fly” zone over Syria, which can be problematic for our relationship with Russia should one be established.  Also-like her opponent-Clinton was a bit vague about the economy, the national debt, and entitlements.

Both Trump and Clinton struck out tonight.  Although many in their respective camps will still go to bat for them, I can’t be so kind.  With Trump’s bluster about “rigged elections” and Clinton’s foreign policy; I have grave concerns about America’s future.  Both candidates have no real appreciation for democracy-or liberty-for that matter.  I see America losing the house, regardless who winds up in the White House.

As tonight’s Scripture lamented, the rational voice of the common person (We The People) is never heard, while fools in power (including Trump and Clinton) have their voices heard.  Plus, these two will be more harm than good.  They snub their noses at the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  I wouldn’t trust either of them on the nuclear trigger since one’s too unstable and the other’s too eager to use it.  Their sins can easily destroy this great nation and its credibility on the world stage.

Shame both candidates can’t be disqualified from running after their collective third strike; maybe it could bring a change of elections.  However, the way this game is rigged up, the house ultimately loses-even in Las Vegas…

And believe me, this is a loss we cannot afford.  Peace.

(Image courtesy of The New York Times)

About dangerouschristian

My name is Victor Reynolds. I'm a Christian who desires a more mystical approach to my spiritual life. I'm also a photographer as well who loves to create. I call myself "dangerous" because anyone-especially a Christian-who dares to be beyond the "norm" and allows to let the Christ live in them is dangerous.
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5 Responses to “Three Strikes” or “The House Loses”

  1. Trump has been using “bigly” (not a proper adverb) for many years, and for over a year in the campaign, but he certainly didn’t invent it. It’s NYC slang, and it’s use is hundreds of years old.

  2. Bill Blais says:

    It sounds like you didn’t listen, and I find that interesting being a christian,closed borders, open borders, make more jobs, send jobs over seas, lower taxes, raise taxes,protect babys, pro abortion, what Sir are you having difficulty in deciding who to vote for as a Christian?

    • Thanks for your comment. If I were to spread over the three debates, neither has any concrete plan for this nation. I did listen to last night’s debate; however you can pretty much predict where these two were going. And regarding my being a Christian, I find that Christianity rings very hollow in this election as far as I’m concerned.

      On the Trump corner with his White Fundamentalist Evangelical toadies, I see the anti-Christian rhetoric getting a voice through his possible election. They’re so hell-bent on not having Clinton in the Oval Office, they’ve excused his behavior and gave a nod to his policies. From what I have seen, Jesus would not give a green light to such behavior.

      Meanwhile on the Clinton corner, I see Black votes being “pimped”-especially in the Black Church. I see a candidate who referred to Blacks as “super predators” and whose husband-as President-invoked the “three strikes” policy in arrests. Yet I see Black Evangelicals pushing her. I would love to see what the Old Testament prophets would have to say.

      As far as both are concerned, their topics (which you’ve listed) have been debated for years. However, these pale to more important issues like: liberty (which the Founding Fathers fought for and later escaped slaves fled for); pulling out of hot-zones that bled our national budget and killed our people; phasing out the IRS and putting revenue generation back into the hands of We The People. Plus with the exclusion of other parties, this whole election/debate is a joke.

      You have your opinions and I have mine. This what makes us Americans. Peace.

  3. david fernandes says:


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