Jesus Doesn’t Exist!

The Cross says, "Jesus Saves." Does He?

Yes, I said it, “Jesus doesn’t exist!”

“What?” You ask, “The Dangerous One denies the existence of Jesus?  OMG!”

Well now that you picked yourself off the floor, I can prove that Jesus doesn’t exist.  Here are my proofs:

  • Jesus doesn’t exist when American “Churchianity” (not Christianity) is represented by the likes of Fred Phelps and his homophobic and mean-spirited Westboro Baptist Church.
  • Jesus doesn’t exist when there are American church folk who praise and fawn over the wealthy 1% while bashing the 99% who are trying to survive.
  • Jesus doesn’t exist as there are church folk who will not stand with, and for, society’s disinherited and marginalized.
  • Jesus doesn’t exist as long as pimping, profiteering “Prosperity” preachers prattle their pap and pablum on TV pulpits, strutting like proud pompous peacocks with their flashy lifestyles, while the bulk of their followers are struggling to make end meet.
  • Jesus doesn’t exist as long as church folk are abusive towards people not in their “faith.”
  • Jesus doesn’t exist when pulpits spew homophobia, sexism, racism, class differences, militarism, and anti-environmentalism.
  • Jesus doesn’t exist when churches speak, “protecting marriage” while spouse abuse and  a 50% divorce rate exists in American Churchianity.
  • Jesus doesn’t exist when the voice of church youth is silenced as not relevant.
  • Jesus doesn’t exist when the Black Church is out of touch with a suffering Black community by building massive churches full of members who don’t live and/or engage that community.
  • Jesus doesn’t exist when the church becomes the power elites’ “bitch” under the guise of “submission to the authorities” (ref. Romans 13:1-7) and condones torture, police brutality and the dismantling of our Constitution.
  • Jesus doesn’t exist when American Churchianity calls for cutting back on social services that help the underserved in our society (Medicaid/Medicare, food stamps, school lunches, art and humanities programs, environmental protection); yet support building up the military, strip mining, job outsourcing and more prisons.
  • Jesus doesn’t exist when the churches don’t follow his lead and speak truth to power.
  • Jesus doesn’t exist when we hide behind the “Holy Scriptures” to tear others down.

That’s proof that Jesus doesn’t exist.  He doesn’t exist to those who seek him the most-inside and outside the church walls.  What our churches have instead is a straw-man or figment called, “Jesus”.  This Jesus is a ventriloquist’s dummy preachers stuff some scripture into every week and make him come alive for compliant congregations.  This Jesus is a sanitized fairy-tale designed to make people passive; or he’s a crucified, died, risen, and coming back (usually pissed off) “King” to scare folks into “salvation”.  We have our “personal savior”-a “pet Jesus” we carry around like some talisman to give us comfort. He’s our drug we take every Sunday morning to get us happy on our “Jesus fix” and escape the realities of life for two-three hours a week; more if you hit church meetings during the week.

To, me that’s a fake, non-existent Jesus that’s nothing more than a fairy-tale.  As long we we have “church as usual”, Jesus will never exist.  He will continue to be a myth in the eyes of those outside the church, and to mature individuals inside the church.  And we’ll keep skipping down the lane of time with our “doll baby” Jesus in tow, until one day the Church and Christianity will become irrelevant at best, extinct at worst.  All because we follow a non-existent Jesus.


About dangerouschristian

My name is Victor Reynolds. I'm a Christian who desires a more mystical approach to my spiritual life. I'm also a photographer as well who loves to create. I call myself "dangerous" because anyone-especially a Christian-who dares to be beyond the "norm" and allows to let the Christ live in them is dangerous.
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2 Responses to Jesus Doesn’t Exist!

  1. Mary of the Gael says:

    I say it, too: “Jesus doesn’t exist.” it is claimed that the Piso family of Rome invented Christianity, and Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900). claimed that the Jews invented Christianity.You may find information about those beliefs on the Web.

    It’s time for more people to stop eating FDA-approved poisons, wake up, and think straight. God is Deagh-Dia, a Tuatha De’Danaan, and in some countries, He’s called Zeus, so why would God create a passive Hebrew-Jew savior?

    Mary of the Gael

  2. I read your blog. You said your dangerous and I believe you, your probably young under 30. I’m old 63. I.m betting you had a very hard life and mine wasn’t a picnic either. I’m a 100% believer in Jesus but was an atheist for 30 years. So are view points on Jesus are the exact opposite but I understand your view point. And believe it or not I agreed with you about a lot of Christians acting badly. I didn’t come to be a Christian through the traditional Church system. I would like to have a dialog with you if you want. I have to give my E Mail to send this blog. , If you can get it reply. Don’t really want the whole world replying , just you. Thanks non dangerous Larry.

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