Values in a Value-less World

Alone in an Empty Place.

What happened?

I’ve been reviewing my Core Values while sharing them with you, and putting them into book form.  However, as I read these values and believe in them wholeheartedly, I wonder how to live them in today’s world.  This may sound like I’m wimping out, but anyone who desires to live authentically has faced this dilemma.

If you look at our world, we see the dearth of values.  Religious institutions are out of touch with the people they supposedly care about.  Politicians in Washington have become pawns for their special interest groups while looking tough with a bloated military and insane House Resolutions.  We see a widening gap between rich and poor, stoking angry fires that may burn all involved.  We have our environment slowly being destroyed before our eyes.  We value violence over peace.  We rather be entertained than enlightened (or at least educated). We’ve lost our common courtesies and devolved into a society of rude and crude ruffians.  We pay the least to those who do the most.

Whither values?

I believe the only way I can live my Core Values and honor my beliefs, is by living them one day at a time.  I must realize that I cannot do these overnight, but will have to hold them in the forefront of my heart and mind daily.  They must become my “Ten (plus) Commandments” and my “Bible”.  I must meditate on them both day and night.  Now, I’m not discounting The Bible, however these Core Values DO have their basis in Scriptures.

I also must live my Core Values with courage.  I must realize that in living with this authenticity will make me a loner-even with friends and family.  I have to stand up for these Values in which I believe in from my heart, even if it hurts.  I’d rather be hurt for living from my truth, than killed (inside) living another’s lie.  I realize that living with authenticity and integrity is not for sissies.   Our stories are replete with the trials of our brave heroes and heroines who lived this way.

I also must live my Core Values with courage’s partner, love.  I love myself and my neighbor; and demonstrate this by living the Core Values.  I must love these values, not idolize them.

Last, but not least, I must realize in living my Core Values I’m living out the Divine in my life.  I reflect Her, as Jesus the Christ did, when I live this way.  And like Jesus, I can become one with the Divine here and now on Earth; not in some afterlife.

I hope that this post will inspire you to live from your truth and core values, not another’s. I’m sending out positive and empowering vibes to aid you in your quest.



About dangerouschristian

My name is Victor Reynolds. I'm a Christian who desires a more mystical approach to my spiritual life. I'm also a photographer as well who loves to create. I call myself "dangerous" because anyone-especially a Christian-who dares to be beyond the "norm" and allows to let the Christ live in them is dangerous.
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2 Responses to Values in a Value-less World

  1. I really like how you talk about your spirituality. I’m an agnostic, but when you spoke about how living with integrity and authenticity is not for sissies, that really resonated with me. It really does take a lot of courage to go, but at the same time, you get a richer life out of the deal I think 🙂

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