What I Believe: Sexuality and Sensuality

I love sex. It’s one of God’s greatest, yet most misunderstood gifts. I love touching and being touched in a positively loving, affirming, healing, and nourishing way. I love the body and the pleasurable things you can do with it (smile).

I love the closeness of a woman-whether on the dance floor, in deep conversation, walking alone hand-in-hand, or in the bed.

I love the eroticism of life:  the erotic quality of life; sexual desire; and the ardor and passion of sexual excitement-no matter how excessive it may be.  The ardor, the passion, the love, the lust, the adventure, the creativity, the celebration, the excitement, the exploration, and yes, the fun of Sexuality!

I am an Edenist. I believe in consensual and healthy sexuality-regardless of one’s sexual preference-as long as if elevates and affirms all involved.  I also believe in the freedom of sexual expression-whether it’s responsible non-monogamy, or monogamy; whether it’s pre-marital, marital, or (consensual) extra-marital.  Even if it’s a solo endeavor-that’s  good too!  I believe in the wholesome goodness of sex and sexuality in their healthy expressions.

I also believe in the healthy expression of sex in the visual and literary arts.  I believe in their enjoyment as well without shame or guilt.

I am also a sensualist who loves to touch and be touched.  I’m kinesthetic and very demonstrative.  I enjoy the feel of textures, patterns and other surfaces.  I enjoy heady aromas.  I enjoy the taste of fine food and drink-especially those from different cultures with their spices and flavors.  I enjoy hearing music that moves me-whether in a concert hall, church, or dance floor.  I love to gaze upon beauty and enjoy beautiful visions-either through my sight or in my imagination.

I believe that Sexuality and Sensuality connects us with the Universe, the Divine.  They open us up also to each other and ourselves as we discover new things.  Sexuality and Sensuality also teach us to have a healthy vulnerability since we open ourselves up to each other, to our thoughts, and to the Universe around us.

I believe without Sexuality and Sensuality we become dead inside, disconnected, and objectifying.  We see this too often in our world where sex-negativity and deprivation has made our species dull and “hard of heart”.  We become less engaged.  We’re more prone to death and destruction based on faulty religious teachings.  We hide behind self-erected walls to avoid each other.  We’ve turned sex into a “demon” which is negatively portrayed in the media.  We shun Sensuality for “discipline” (read deprivation) based on antiquated and twisted religious teachings.  And our world is paying the price big time!

Sexuality and Sensuality are not just about “good times”, they are healthy values to me that I truly believe in.  I love how they connect me to all that the Divine placed in this vast Universe.  They also connect me to the Divine Herself since She’s in and through all things and all people.  Plus, they make us truly free beings.

May the Divine empower us to become truly sexual and sensual beings, so that we can fully enjoy each other and the Universe in a pleasurable and mutually affirming way.  And through such enjoyment, we can connect and engage each other and the Divine in a liberating and elevating way.




About dangerouschristian

My name is Victor Reynolds. I'm a Christian who desires a more mystical approach to my spiritual life. I'm also a photographer as well who loves to create. I call myself "dangerous" because anyone-especially a Christian-who dares to be beyond the "norm" and allows to let the Christ live in them is dangerous.
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