Ever drove by some church and saw the phrase, “Sinners Welcome Here” on its marquee?  If you’re in the Good Ol’ US of A you probably did.

I was thinking to myself tonight, if I were a church, what would I have for a marquee for passerby to see every day?  Since this blog is for the spiritually dissatisfied, and I do present things not normally found in “fundagelical” sites, I decided on the above sign:


I would create tracts inviting the heretic, the freethinker, the Christian who wants a fresh perspective rather than that “old time religion”, a place where people of all sexual orientations can feel welcome, where I hope people will come together to be Christ-not just learn about “morals”, and a place where real conversation-not “churchianity” or x-tianity-is found.

I would be open-not on Sundays-but during the week.  I would foster and encourage get togethers all over the place and during the week, not just one meeting place and day.  I would hold periodic cookouts in the summer, and mixers (parties) in the winter.  I would have higher criticism studies of the Bible where we would have a  critical and unbiased study of the Bible without the worship of it.  I would have us engage the local community instead of hiding from it behind church walls.

Come to think of it, it would not be a church-steeple and such, instead it would be a community center for all.  We would be Christs, allowing theosis-or divination (becoming Christ)-to be our guiding force.  We would feed the hungry, clothe the naked, stand up for the victims of injustice, speak truth to power-to name a few “missions”.  We’d have no guest speakers since there’d be no need for pastors, bishops, elders, deacons/deaconesses, missionaries, etc.  We would harness the power of the internet and social media to reach the larger community.

Sounds like a dream.  But I feel that it will come about.  Even now, there are Christians who are stepping out of mainstream ecclesiastical churchianity and forming new groups.  And there are plenty of resources out there.  Two right off the bat are the “Sites Unseen” and “Tentmaker” links on the right.  And with American Christianity on the ropes (more on that in the future), we might see a “fresh wind” blowing!

But for now, HERETICS WELCOME HERE.  And you don’t need to tell anyone you visit here.  I won’t even ask for a “freewill” offering!


About dangerouschristian

My name is Victor Reynolds. I'm a Christian who desires a more mystical approach to my spiritual life. I'm also a photographer as well who loves to create. I call myself "dangerous" because anyone-especially a Christian-who dares to be beyond the "norm" and allows to let the Christ live in them is dangerous.
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